Oil Changing System Buying Guide

Changing your oil can be quite frustrating if you are unfamiliar with the process and equipment. But knowing what to buy and how to go about changing your oil can save you money down the road. The process is fairly simple and usually takes around 30 minutes or so. Remember, it is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 – 5,000 or roughly every 6 months.

The equipment you need is the most important aspect of the process. Having the correct tools not only will help expedite the process but also promote safety.

Oil Filter Wrench Set

It is best to buy a wrench set if you plan on working on more than one vehicle routinely. You would want to look for something strong and durable. Look for a wrench set that includes 15 pieces which includes ½ inch female and 3/8 inch mail adapters.

Oil Catch and Recycle Pan

To protect our environment from contamination, some areas implement laws to catch and recycle oil drained from vehicles. It would behoove you to invest in good quality oil drain pan not only to save yourself from the misfortune of an oil mess, but to also to stay out of trouble. The oil pan should offer convenient portability, be made from heavy duty black plastic, and incorporates a drain sprout for emptying the drain pan.


The funnel is essential for keeping a clean oil-free environment. It is possible to pour oil without spilling it without the use of a funnel, but the likelihood is very small. Funnels are inexpensive and makes the job a lot smoother and easier.

Oil Filter and Oil

It is best to shop around for a particular name brand oil filter. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a new filter. One, the filters may look similar but may have different threads or gaskets. Two, read the features on the box to determine if it meets your needs. Some filters filter small particles better than others while others last longer. Reference your vehicle manual to check for the correct part number and ask for assistance when in doubt.

When placing the oil filter try to use your hands to screw it in. If you find it difficult it could be that the threads aren't lined up. Tighten it enough that it makes a solid connection and not too tight where it may be difficult to remove later.

Check your manual for the type of oil you need and the amount. Typical amounts are 4 – 5 qts.

Jacks and Ramps

Hoisting the vehicle into the air can be a challenge if you use the default jack that comes with your vehicle. It is always a good idea to purchase a hydraulic jack. They are expensive but are easier to use and more reliable. They are less likely to damage your vehicle from improper use, unlike those small hand-crank jacks.

Ramps suspend your vehicle in the air allowing you to remove the jack and work safely underneath. Stoppers should also be used behind the read tires to prevent rolling back.

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I've Had My LiquiVac Oil Changing System For 5 Years

Its been working great for the past 5 years of having it.

  • Nayeem Hossain

    How to maintain vehicle performance?!?

    I have a 98 honda accord and im pretty sure it needs some sort of maintenance other than a regulary oil change which ive done regularly. It's been forever since this car had its transmission oil changed or a proper feul system clean-up. I want to keep car performance as...


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