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Razor E100 Electric Scooter battery 12V 5AH - 2 Pack - UPG Brand (With Flashlight Bundle) - $16.97
Razor Scooter Batteries
Razor Scooter Battery - 4.5Ah/20HR w/Reset Wires for Razor E100/E125(V16+), E150 (V6+), E175 (V1+) & eSpark Scooter by VICI - Includes Wire Harness! - $49.99
Razor Scooter Batteries
High Performance Upgrade For Your Razor E200/E200S/E300 Batteries For 28% Longer Run Time VICI High Performance Battery Pack - $39.99
Razor Scooter Batteries

How to change Razor Scooter Batteries

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    replacing the battery in e200 razor scooter problems?

    I have a e200 razor scooter, the batteries were dead so I went online and purchased 2 new batteries UPG 2 Pack - 12V 7AH Razor E200 / E300S SLA Battery. I connected the wires to the new battery and the wires instantly get Very Hot and when I plugged it in, it started to...

    you connected them with the wrong terminals - it should be red to positive (positive to positive)

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Razor Scooter Batteries

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Razor razor scooter batteries

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