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Korg TM50BK Instrument Tuner and Metronome, Black - $20.18
Korg Metronome Tuner
Korg TMR50BK TMR-50 Tuner Metronome Recorder - Black - $59.95
Korg Metronome Tuner
KORG TM-50 COMBO TUNER METRONOME Black TM50BK with Flanger FA-01 Clip On Contact Microphone - $35.00
Korg Metronome Tuner

KORG Metronome/Tuner Review

A review of a Korg metronome and tuner.

  • icon016

    What metronome brands are good to buy?

    I'm a clarinet player and I haven't gotten a chance to buy a metronome or a tuner yet. If there's a device that has both tuner and metronome that would be great too.

    The tuner/metronome combos are super-handy. You don't really have to be particular about brands, but Korg has a really nice.


“Dolcetto Clip-On Tuner/Metronome|KORG INC.” 10/27/13,

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