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Samson C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone - $74.99
Samson C01U Mic
Samson C01UCW Studio USB Mic with Cakewalk Sonar LE (OLD MODEL) - $37.00
Samson C01U Mic
Samson C01U PRO USB Studio Condenser Microphone With CAD Audio EPF-15A Pop Filter on 15-Inch Gooseneck + CAD Audio MH110 Studio Monitor Headphones - $106.95
Samson C01U Mic

Samson C01U condenser microphone test

Just a simple short voice test of the Samson C01U condenser microphone (USB) and microphone setup that I received today (11/15/12) from Amazon. This is strai...

  • PennFosterStudent

    Is the Samson C01U USB Condensor Mic a good Microphone?

    Which would you go with the Samson C01U Condensor Mic ,or the Samson C03U Mic. Which one is better and why, and did I make a good choice of getting ths one.

    The C01U has a "cardioid" directional pickup pattern, which is typical of smallish directional microphones.


@The1Kingio I think one of our RZ RuneRadio DJs use that mic. Its awesome! I got Samson C01U myself lol 10/23/13,

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